Taryn Simon

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At Jameel Arts Center, Dubai, a group show examines the role of hospitality in the UAE and the wider Gulf region

BY Rahel Aima |

In further news: #MeToo flashmob at Venice Architecture Biennale; BBC historian advocates for return of British museums’s colonial loot

Laments for the dead are performed in a secret crypt beneath Islington Green

BY En Liang Khong |

Taryn Simon speaks about her new project, a collaboration with a nuclear facility in Russia

BY Pablo Larios |

Various venues, Fukushima & Watari Museum, Tokyo, Japan

BY Philip Brophy |

Art has a long history of engagement with politics. Does recent so-called socially engaged or political art really effect change?

BY Negar Azimi |

Taryn Simon’s photographs of restricted locations reveal an unsettling side to the American Dream

BY Christy Lange |