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With Art Toronto opening on 25 October, don’t miss out on all that the city has to offer

BY Jill Glessing | 23 OCT 19

The artist’s witty, immersive retrospective at the Art Gallery of Ontario broaches basketball, Indigenous culture and gay desire 

BY Charles Reeve | 19 JUL 19

In Toronto’s CONTACT Festival, works by Moyra Davey, Beatrice Gibson, Carmen Winant and others layer personal histories with poetry, politics and mysticism

BY Jill Glessing | 30 MAY 19

A show at Georgia Scherman Projects, Toronto, explores the career of quarterback Warren Moon and sport’s failure to create racial reconciliation

BY Charles Reeve | 25 FEB 19

Every night they dissembled the shed; every morning they built it anew

BY David Balzer | 20 JUL 18

Police have released footage of a man slipping out of a Toronto gallery carrying a valuable print by the street artist

18 JUN 18

The stone was taken from the artist’s installation The Riverbed at Toronto’s Gardiner Museum

11 APR 18

Critiquing the dominance of the white imperial gaze at Ryerson Image Centre, Toronto

BY Jill Glessing | 13 MAR 18

Daniel Faria Gallery, Toronto, Canada

BY Jill Glessing | 02 MAY 17

The Power Plant, Toronto

BY Frances Loeffler | 06 APR 17

Barbara Edwards Contemporary, Toronto, Canada

BY Dan Adler | 11 DEC 16

Mercer Union, Toronto, Canada

BY Frances Loeffler | 11 OCT 16

Corkin Gallery, Toronto, Canada

BY Sara Knelman | 03 JUN 16

The Power Plant, Toronto, Canada

BY Jon Davies | 15 MAR 16

Olga Korper Gallery, Toronto, Canada

BY Dan Adler | 01 SEP 10

Jessica Bradley Art + Projects, Toronto, Canada

BY Dan Adler | 01 NOV 09

The shows curated by one Toronto-based collector are so good that others pale in comparison

BY Jennifer Allen | 22 OCT 09

The Power Plant, Toronto, Canada

BY Benjamin Carlson | 01 NOV 08