Victoria & Albert Museum

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From Belkis Ayón's feminist rituals at Ludwig Forum Aachen to Olivia Plender's forgotten feminist histories at Maureen Paley, London

BY frieze | 03 OCT 22

The London museum has faced criticism for its decision following allegations of sexual misconduct against the American actor

BY Frieze News Desk | 16 APR 19

The V&A’s annual conference ‘Parallel Worlds’ revealed a medium battling with the formal and the personal

BY Gareth Damian Martin | 19 FEB 19

With museums suffering from cash-strapped councils and national cuts, the new plan is ‘miles away’ from addressing the crisis

BY Chris Sharratt | 17 OCT 18

In an age when the camera is continually absorbed into other technologies, this inaugural show focuses on photography as practice

BY Laurie Taylor | 12 OCT 18

Rowan Moore looks at the role of gallery spaces in the 21st-century

BY Rowan Moore | 14 JUL 17

K11 Art Foundation and the New Museum establish a new residency program; London's V&A wins the Museum of the Year award

08 JUL 16

Victoria & Albert Museum, London, UK

BY Andrew Dodds | 01 MAY 10