in Frieze | 30 JUL 18

Adriana Varejão

As Varejão’s ‘Saunas and Baths’ paintings and ‘Meat Ruins’ sculptures go on show at Victoria Miro, Venice, the Brazilian artist on her work’s layers of meaning

in Frieze | 30 JUL 18
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In her sixth exhibition at Victoria Miro, photographs of baths in Budapest flow into oil on canvas in Adriana Varejão’s explorations of water, light and architecture. By focusing on the architectural detail, the artist says, we can begin to see ‘the relationship between geometry and grids and how it becomes imprecise when linked to water.’ Meanwhile, Varejão’s dissected sculptural forms reveal a marbled, bloody flesh concealed by Portuguese tilework.

‘Adriana Varejão’ runs at Victoria Miro, Venice, until 8 September 2018. For more information visit the Victoria Miro website here.

A Frieze Studios production; Edited by Jamie Edmundson and filmed by Gautier Deblonde; All works: © Adriana Varejão