in Frieze London , Videos | 14 OCT 22

Sandra Vásquez de la Horra: ‘I feel blessed in this moment’

The artist tells us about her work acquired through the Frieze Tate Fund for the national collection, supported by Endeavor

in Frieze London , Videos | 14 OCT 22
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Sandra Vásquez de la Horra’s (b.1967) drawings are influenced by the traditions and myths of her Chilean origins and the influence of Latin-American magic-realist literature. Since 1997, the artist finishes her drawings by dipping them in wax, which gives her work a unique materiality and emphasises the pencil line with ambiguous depth. The artist sometimes combines sculpture and painting with the use of leporelli sheets which once complete are then folded and dipped in beeswax to give the drawings their stability.

The extremely defined images show desires that stem from both her personal and wider universal experience: they appear ecstatic, traumatic and surrealistic. Frequently working while she travels, her drawings are often stowed in her luggage, functioning as a sort of pictorial diary.

The artist’s work Despierta te espero, 2022, has been acquired for Tate’s collection thanks to the Frieze Tate Fund 2022 supported by Endeavor.

Sandra Vásquez de la Horra (b. 1967)

Despierta te espero, 2022

Beeswax, graphite, and watercolour on paper

77 x 217 cm

Acquired from Sprovieri

Reclining goddess

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