in News | 30 APR 18

All For One: Picasso’s ‘Musketeer Bust’ Purchased by 25,000 Online Buyers

The thousands of new owners will now collectively decide where the painting is exhibited

in News | 30 APR 18

Pablo Picasso, Buste de mousquetaire, 1968. Courtesy: QoQa

25,000 internet users have contributed towards the collective ownership of Picasso’s Musketeer Bust (1968), amounting to USD$2 million.

40,000 shares in the artwork, for USD$50 each, were offered through the Swiss bargain website QoQa. Founded in 2005 with the slogan ‘We do anything, but it’s all for you’, QoQa is normally used to purchase household items or cheap travel deals.

Qoqa put the Picasso painting up for sale last December. Company chief and founder Pascal Meyer told AFP that the aim with selling the artwork was for it ‘to go viral’. He also claimed that the sale was about democratizing the art world, which Meyer said was often regarded as ‘closed and obscure’ and ‘inaccessible to regular people’.

The new owners will now have to make a collective decision over where the artwork is exhibited. It was unveiled last week at Geneva’s Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art, MAMCO, where it will remain until October.

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