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In a retrospective at MAMCO, Geneva, rigour is underscored by play

BY Anya Harrison | 28 JAN 20

In Perret’s two crafts-filled shows at MAMCO, Geneva, and Spike Island, Birstol, she draws from the fabular women of New Ponderosa

BY Paul Carey-Kent | 21 MAR 19

A handy selection of the exhibitions not to miss in institutions, commercial galleries and artist-run-spaces across Geneva

BY Yann Chateigné | 31 JAN 19

At the Centre d’Art Contemporain Genève this year's editions attempts to collapse the boundary between screen and spectator 

BY Jordan Cronk | 19 DEC 18

The thousands of new owners will now collectively decide where the painting is exhibited

30 APR 18

Ahead of artgèneve, a guide to the best shows to see around town

BY Yann Chateigné | 30 JAN 18

Centre d’Art Contemporain, Geneva

BY Barbara Casavecchia | 04 MAY 17

Centre d'Art Contemporain, Geneva

BY Pablo Larios | 28 JAN 17

Ahead of Artgenève this week, a round-up of the best shows in the Swiss city

BY Elise Lammer | 23 JAN 17

MAMCO, Geneva, Switzerland

BY Kirsty Bell | 15 NOV 16

A report from Geneva, the Swiss centre of diplomacy, tax avoidance and a dizzying array of art spaces

BY ​Timothy P. A. Cooper | 06 JUL 16

Musée d'art moderne et contemporain, Geneva, Switzerland

BY Felicity Lunn | 01 APR 09