Magalí Arriola

Magalí Arriola is an art critic and independent curator based in Mexico City, Mexico. She is a contributing editor of frieze.

A guide to the best exhibitions in the Mexican capital

BY Magalí Arriola | 05 SEP 19

‘Her work challenges the way 20th-century history has been shaped in our cultural imaginaries’

BY Magalí Arriola | 24 JAN 19

With Zona Maco opening in the city today, a guide to the best exhibitions across the Mexican capital

BY Magalí Arriola | 07 FEB 18

In a year marked by natural disasters, some of the best exhibitions in Latin America were attempts to make sense of the environment

BY Magalí Arriola | 29 DEC 17

A round-up of the best shows in the city ahead of the rescheduled Gallery Weekend, running 9–12 November

BY Magalí Arriola | 24 OCT 17

Magalí Arriola discusses Latin American identity and art history with curators Cecilia Fajardo-Hill, Julieta González and José Luis Blondet 

BY Magalí Arriola | 14 AUG 17

On the eve of his first survey exhibition, Yoshua Okón talks to Magalí Arriola about Mexico, CIA covert ops, globalization and a derelict statue of George H. W. Bush

BY Magalí Arriola | 23 APR 17

How the work of a younger generation of artists reflects Mexico’s social problems

BY Magalí Arriola | 01 JUN 16