In “Focus” Lola Kramer Finds “Artists Coming to the Forefront for the First Time”

The curator and writer meets emerging figures from China to Brazil on a personal trip around the section at Frieze New York 2024

BY Lola Kramer in Frieze New York , Interviews , Videos | 07 MAY 24
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Focus is different,” says Lola Kramer. In this video tour of the Focus section at Frieze New York 2024, supported by Stone Island, the NYC curator and writer encounters artists working across media and from locations as diverse as Canada’s Northwest Territories to Brazil’s Minais Gerais.

Tao Siqi, showing with Capsule Shanghai, shares how color helps her express “the pleasure and the pain” of her work, while at the stand of Company Gallery, Leyla Faye explains her fascination with “topsy-turvy dolls” to question race. Presented by Mitre Galeria, davi de jesus do nascimento explains the river of stories in his work, and at PATRON’s booth, Charisse Pearlina Weston—included in the current Whitney Biennial—describes her aim of “creating a space within space.”

Kramer also talks to Hasani Sahlehe (Tif Sigrids) whose work was acquired with the support of Stone Island for the Georgia Museum of Art, and Matteo Consonni, founder of Lisbon’s Madragoa Gallery, which won this year’s Focus Stand Prize for its presentation of Sara Chang Yan: each underlining the importance of Focus in supporting the artists of tomorrow. 

“It’s just incredibly diverse,” Kramer reflects.

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About Stone Island

As the Official Partner of Focus, Stone Island offers each participating gallery a bursary alongside Frieze’s subsidy. This support helps emerging galleries younger than 12 years take part in Focus and present today’s most forward-thinking artists, underscoring a shared commitment to experimentation, innovation and creative community. Founded in Italy in 1982, Stone Island has consistently pushed fabric technology and experimentation, particularly focusing on functionality and utilitarianism.

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Lola Kramer is an independent curator and writer. She lives in New York, USA.