Issue 74
April 2003

Sam Durant reflects on Modernism, civil rights and rock music. Dan Fox looks and listens.

‘H stares at the guy. The new friend is bewildered, yet relaxed. He looks at nothing. His expression never changes. He’s not going to leave. He likes H. H’s feelings are more complicated.’ Benjamin Weissman explores the strange world of Hirsch Perlman.

Also featured: Canadian poet and award-winning novelist Anne Michaels on the life and work of Eva Hesse; Tom Morton on Pierre Huyghe; Joerg Heiser on Daniel Richter, Dominic Eichler on Katja Strunz, Mark Beasely on Mark Titchner and Phyllida Barlow on ‘Mandy’. Haim Steinbach and Amanda Sharp visit the Prada and Moss stores in New York to talk about the increasingly hazy relationship between art and retail. 

From this issue

Richard Telles Fine Art, Los Angeles, USA

BY Jan Tumlir | 05 APR 03

Galerie Max Hetzler, Berlin, Germany

BY Dave Allen | 05 APR 03

Anthony Wilkinson Gallery, London, UK

BY Andrew Hunt | 05 APR 03

Peter Freeman Inc., New York, USA

BY Mark Godfrey | 05 APR 03

hammer sidi, London, UK

BY Sally O'Reilly | 05 APR 03

Sadie Coles HQ, London, UK

BY Tom Morton | 05 APR 03

Peggy Guggenheim Collection, Venice, Italy

BY Susan-Marie Best | 05 APR 03

Entwistle, London, UK

BY Martin Herbert | 05 APR 03

Marc Foxx, Los Angeles, USA

BY Siobhan McDevitt | 05 APR 03

Kunsthalle, Vienna, Austria

BY Alice Koegel | 05 APR 03

Galeria Fortes Vilaca, San Paulo, Brazil

BY Adriano Pedrosa | 05 APR 03

Rebecca Camhi Gallery, Athens, Greece

BY Alexandra Koroxenidis | 05 APR 03

Hellenic American Union, Athens, Greece

BY Peter Suchin | 05 APR 03

The Wapping Project, London, UK

BY Rod Mengham | 05 APR 03

Gallery 400, Chicago, USA

BY Kathryn Hixson | 05 APR 03

Buchmann Galerie, Cologne, Germany

BY Ralf Christofori | 05 APR 03

Highways Gallery, Los Angeles, USA

BY Charles LaBelle | 05 APR 03

Charlottenborg Exhibition Hall, Copenhagen, Denmark

BY Jan Verwoert | 05 APR 03

John Connelly Presents, New York, USA

BY Peter Eleey | 05 APR 03

Daniel Richter

BY Jörg Heiser | 04 APR 03

Pierre Huyghe

BY Tom Morton | 04 APR 03

Visiting Prada and Moss with Haim Steinbach

BY Amanda Sharp | 04 APR 03

The Pleasure of Aphorisms

BY Brian Dillon | 04 APR 03

Phyllida Barlow compares stills from the film Mandy to highlight the intimacy of Eva Hesse's Connection

BY Phyllida Barlow | 04 APR 03

The New Ducati 999

BY Andrew Gellatly | 04 APR 03

The Surprising Longevity of Fashion Illustration

BY Penny Martin | 04 APR 03

Brussel's Miniature Theme Park

BY Mark Morris | 04 APR 03

Pop Stars' Online Diaries

BY Kerstin Grether | 04 APR 03