Frieze Los Angeles 2019
February 2019

The creative communities in Los Angeles are among the most vibrant and forward thinking in the world, and the backbone of the city’s economy and civic consciousness. With the inaugural Frieze Los Angeles we have the potential to center the city’s artistic community on an annual moment. Frieze brings more than 25 years of experience in the contemporary art world, and with the partnership of Endeavour, we aim to grow this fair into an event that encourages not only international interest in the uniqueness of the L.A. art scene, but also a stronger appreciation of that scene among locals. Indeed, part of the founding mission of For Your Art, which Bettina founded in 2006, was to make the contemporary art world part of daily life in Los Angeles, encouraging engagement, collaboration and patronage. The Los Angeles scene is all about its artists, and from our architecture to our programming, artists, too are at the heart of everything Frieze does. We hope during Frieze Week you will discover artists new to you as well as those who have been living and working here for decades. The story that is often told about Los Angeles and art is one of potential: we want to tell a story about what is already flourishing. If Frieze Los Angeles can bring the world to this city, we hope it will also highlight the best of this city to the world.

—Bettina Korek, Executive Director,Frieze Los Angeles & VictoriaSiddall, Director, Frieze Fairs

From this issue

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At Frieze Los Angeles 2019, discover the smallest and most exclusive private members club in the world by Tom Pope and a digital installation by Victoria Fu, commissioned by Deutsche Bank

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A: Yes

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