Anri Sala

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From Anri Sala’s marbled explorations of divine time at Galerie Chantal Crousel, Paris to the first show dedicated to Wanda Czełkowska outside of Poland

BY frieze | 15 SEP 23

The artist's murals at Galerie Chantal Crousel, Paris, repurpose elements of cloud vistas and early Renaissance frescoes

BY Andrew Hodgson | 11 SEP 23

From a monumental William Kentridge retrospective at The Royal Academy of Arts, London, to Rose B. Simpson’s solo exhibition at ICA/Boston

BY frieze | 02 NOV 22

From Lydia Ourahmane’s filmic exploration of central Saharan mountains at Fondation Louis Vuitton to P Staff’s ‘Love Life’ at Galerie Sultana

BY Aaron Peck | 18 OCT 22

Screened at Frieze Los Angeles, ‘Take Over (L’Internationale)’ trades in the anthem’s political charge for an elegant rehearsal

BY Jennifer Piejko | 18 FEB 19

The artist’s exhibition at Galerie Chantal Crousel, Paris, ‘If and Only If’, inserts ‘an act of magic’ into the assembly line

BY Sabine Mirlesse | 22 NOV 18

Exploring agency, politics and perspective

16 APR 17

Museo Tomayo, Mexico City, Mexico

BY Nick Aikens | 30 OCT 14

At the age of four, Anri Sala was taken to the Palace of Pioneers in Tirana, then capital of the People's Socialist Republic of Albania, in order to begin the violin lessons he had asked his parents for. ‘So there was this man sitting in front of a piano,’ the artist recalls, ‘and he needed to check if I had an ear.’ In a small, darkened room, the instructor clapped out a series of rhythms for the boy to repeat, each one longer and more complex than the last, ‘and I got so worried that I would miss the next one,’ Sala says. But he didn't falter. ‘Good,’ said the violin teacher finally, satisfied with the boy's ability to recognize and repeat a rhythm. ‘You're done.’

BY Robert Barry | 27 MAY 13

At Chantal Crousel, Paris, Arni Sala explores the subjective experience of time and space

BY Christophe Gallois | 08 APR 08

Various Venues

BY Niru Ratnam | 10 SEP 03

The video work of Anri Sala

BY Jan Verwoert | 05 MAY 02