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Nine artists and curators give their predictions

BY frieze |

Why be part of the art world when you can just crash the party? 

BY Steven Phillips-Horst |

It’s the most vulnerable that are set to suffer the most and, in the topsy-turvy value system of contemporary art, that means artists and other freelancers

BY Chris Sharratt |

The Professional Organization for Women in the Arts’s salary survey suggests that a master’s degree might not be the key to success

BY Frieze News Desk |

Nearly 2000 museum workers have shared their salaries online – the vast inequity is difficult to ignore

BY Chris Sharratt |

From Brooklyn Academy of Music to the New Museum, art workers are increasingly agitating for better compensation and a seat at the table

BY Meagan Day |

New study finds major commercial galleries represent just 32% women

BY Frieze News Desk |

Over 1000 art workers have anonymously posted their salaries

BY Frieze News Desk |

We look back on 28 years of publishing by remembering what inspires us

BY Jennifer Higgie |

Five reasons why the art world is a desperate mess, followed by five responses. Do not read the conclusion until you've read the rest

BY James Elkins |