Claire-Louise Bennett

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From blues to jazz to the baroque – new fiction from Claire-Louise Bennett

BY Claire-Louise Bennett | 22 SEP 19

Tanning gives full expression to her childhood imagination and its innately eclectic catalogue of fears, fantasies and domestic psychodramas

BY Claire-Louise Bennett | 25 FEB 19

‘It is Björk’s ambivalence to human relations that makes her liberality so poignant’

BY Claire-Louise Bennett | 08 JAN 19

Claire-Louise Bennett's meditations on still life and ‘the aesthetic value of the events, tasks and items that constitute daily life’

BY Claire-Louise Bennett | 01 OCT 17

Claire-Louise Bennett, Anne Teresa De Keersmaeker and Niamh O’Malley: Brian Dillon shares his highlights from 2015

BY Brian Dillon | 16 DEC 15