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A multi-faceted collaboration between Matthew Barney, Ragnar Kjartansson and the Iceland Dance Company reflects on ritual and religion

BY Isobel Harbison |

Goodbye Pepe? From diving into the LA Jobber Market to the women of the alt-right: what to read this weekend

The dystopian promise of the fidget spinner, 'family values' and neoliberalism, and visions of art after social collapse: what to read this weekend

Christopher Nolan's 'Hobbesian anti-art' and the spectacular implosion of Shia LaBeouf's 'He Will Not Divide Us': what to read this weekend

Playgrounds as radical propositions, the problem with Okja, and debating ‘the dirtbag left’: what to read this weekend

A tribute to Liu Xiaobo, Justin Trudeau’s socks, and Monocle’s globalist chic: what to read this weekend

Jan Bonny and Alex Wissel’s new film project, ‘Rheingold’, sends up the ethical superiority of art making versus capitalist production

BY Noemi Smolik |

Hosting and hospitality at the Delfina Foundation

BY Amy Sherlock |

The second part of this week’s Culture Digest looking at performative meals: an evening of operatics with Grace Schwindt

BY Amy Sherlock |

This week’s Culture Digest focuses on performative meals. First: the Climavore dinners series from Cooking Sections

BY Amy Sherlock |

A new book of photographer Luigi Ghirri's collective writing

BY Laurie Taylor |

Part two of this week’s Culture Digest continues the theme of how art can respond to Trump

BY Adam Broomberg |

How can art respond to Trump?

BY Jennifer Higgie |

The Photographers’ Gallery has cleverly paired a show of feminist art by 48 women with an overtly feminist show by a man

The show ‘Punks’, and its poignancy today

This week’s Culture Digest looks at three London shows revisiting movements and revolutions: first up, the V&A’s survey of 1966-70

A new anthology of writing by Lynne Tillman shows us what narrative fiction, and criticism, can be

BY Evan Moffitt |

Barry Jenkins's new film about growing up black and gay is raw, sincere and game-changing

BY Evan Moffitt |

On Gordon Parks’s photographs and Sophie Calle’s recent demand not to be filmed

BY Mitch Speed |

Adam Curtis’s latest documentary unravels our post-truth world

BY Mitch Speed |