Douglas Gordon

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From Rhea Dillon’s reverential found objects at Soft Opening, London, to Douglas Gordon’s rumination on ancestral trauma at Dundee Contemporary Arts

BY frieze |

At Dundee Contemporary Arts, the first UK institutional presentation of the film k.364 ruminates on ancestral trauma, travel and music

BY Helen Charman |

‘I would like to dedicate this tribute to all of Zidane’s fans (of whom I am one)’

BY Violaine Boutet de Monvel |

From an inflatable anti-capitalist dragon to the shattered shadow of Robert Burns: highlights from this year’s Edinburgh Art Festival

BY En Liang Khong |

A stroll through the off-site shows

BY Matthew McLean |

A guide to the off-site shows in Venice this week

BY Paul Teasdale |

Jonas Mekas to Maud Alpi to Lina Rodriguez to Júlio Bressane – highlights from the Swiss film festival

BY Ela Bittencourt |

Public monuments, Islamic State and contesting the story of the past by Marina Warner

BY Marina Warner |

Gagosian Gallery

BY George Barber |

Various Venues, Glasgow, UK

BY Jonathan Griffin |

The art of football

BY Jennifer Doyle |

At Hayward Gallery, the artist explores authorship, satanism and the all-being ‘I’

BY Tom Morton |

The group show emanates a mixture of envy, pity and ultimately, condescension to its location outside the capital

BY Sophie Berrebi |