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At Jameel Arts Center, Dubai, a group show examines the role of hospitality in the UAE and the wider Gulf region

BY Rahel Aima |

At Green Art Gallery, Dubai, a group exhibition underscores the significance of textile art and its ability to weave together a narrative of meaning

BY Yalda Bidshahri |

The executive director of the arts enterprise Alserkal Initiatives, Dubai, discusses the future of the organization and the role of the city as cultural hub

BY Terence Trouillot |

From a solo show inspired by military ship camouflage at Lawrie Shabibi to a group show with a focus on artists from Iran at Jossa by Alserkal

BY Nadine Khalil |

At Green Art Gallery, Dubai, the Iranian artist Nazgol Ansarinia reimagines the city’s urban decay in various shades of blue

BY Nadine Khalil |

Iqra Tanveer’s quiet show at Grey Noise, Dubai, is full of puzzles and meditations

BY Skye Arundhati Thomas |

At Lawrie Shabibi, Dubai, the UAE-born artist pays homage to his local terrains

BY Evan Moffitt |

The Dubai-based artist discusses making work that mobilizes peoples, objects and symbols

BY Amy Sherlock |

The Third Line, Dubai, UAE

BY Katrina Kufer |

The Third Line, Dubai, UAE

BY Rahel Aima |

Shumon Basar, Antonia Carver and Markus Miessen (eds.), (Bidoun and Moutamarat, Dubai, 2007)

BY Max Andrews |