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Rose Glass’s queer romance, starring Kristen Stewart and Katy M. O’Brian, is a full of sex and violence but lacks the kind of punch to go beyond the tropes it tries to subvert

BY Lydia Popplewell |

At this year’s Berlinale, the queen of electroclash proves why she’s still a badass raconteur of the crass and libidinous

BY Angel Lambo |

For the latest Auschwitz drama, sound designer Johnnie Burn discusses working with Jonathan Glazer to reveal how ordinary people can quickly become accustomed to horror

BY Rory O'Connor |

From Jonathan Glazer's triumphant Cannes debut to the first Sudanese production to be honoured by the festival, here are six films to keep an eye out for this year

BY Rory O'Connor AND Angel Lambo |

At Modern Art Oxford, the artist’s monumental new film examines 15 judges working in England and Wales 

BY Cathy Wade |

The former starlet’s return to the screen is just a reminder of how far she has fallen from favour

BY Harley Wong |

The auteur inverts Hollywood genre tropes in an alien invasion romp that questions what we see and believe

BY Ian Bourland |

Gessica Généus’s feature film debut tells a touching story about a young woman’s struggle to find hope in a country full of despair and violence

BY Terence Trouillot |