Jackson Pollock

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Jackson Pollock forgeries uncovered; Solange creates work for Tate’s 'Soul of a Nation'; new Brooklyn gallery to ‘de-gentrify’ space

Although their activities and missions are multiple, the foundations dedicated to New York’s artists all keep their founders’ visions alive

BY Jennifer Kabat |

Rarely seen belongings from the artists' home-studio in the Hamptons

The evolution of the Whitney Biennial, an American institution

BY Chrissie Iles |

Cabaret Voltaire looks for investors and The Metropolitan Museum unveils its new logo: a round-up of the latest art news

Why enthusiasm, not scholarship, motivates artists

BY Julian Hoeber |

The curator of the Prado Museum's 'El Greco and Modern Painting' exhibition on the artist's enduring influence

BY Lorena Muñoz-Alonso |

Actor and theatre director Herbert Fritsch on his love of art – from Jackson Pollock to Dieter Roth – and not using scripts

BY Jan Kedves |

Painting as performance in recent exhibitions

BY Theo Altenberg |

Jonathan Romney evaluates cinematography's ability to accurately capture other mediums 

BY Jonathan Romney |

The Director of Nottingham Contemporary shares his notes on the nature and evolution of the artist's studio

BY Sam Thorne |

Behind the renewed interest in Performance Art lies a desire to bring the real and the representation closer together

BY Frazer Ward |