Jennifer Allen

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Disco balls and the society of the spectacle

BY Jennifer Allen | 05 MAY 09

Might the art world’s discretion on economic matters amount to a denial?

BY Jennifer Allen | 04 APR 09

We received the letter below in response to ‘Not so Black and White’, a column by Jennifer Allen published in issue 119 of frieze (Nov-Dec 2008)

BY Sam Thorne | 15 JAN 09

The history of racial segregation in American art galleries and contemporary identity politics

BY Jennifer Allen | 01 JAN 09

Keeping fit, autonomy, disappointment and art criticism

BY Tirdad Zolghadr | 01 NOV 08

Are reproductions of art works helpful, or do they confuse our experience of the real thing?

BY Jennifer Allen | 01 NOV 08

The strange and wonderful world of gallery assistants

BY Jennifer Allen | 01 OCT 08

In his sculptures, collages and films, Bojan Sarcevic explores the ‘ghost haunting modernity’: ornament and decoration

BY Jennifer Allen | 09 SEP 08

John Cage, Hans Ulrich Obrist and their relationship to time

BY Jennifer Allen | 09 SEP 08

The devotional aspects of looking at art

BY Jennifer Allen | 06 JUN 08