Laura McLean-Ferris

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An exquisitely designed exhibition at Fondazione Prada brings together millennia of thought about thought itself

BY Laura McLean-Ferris | 08 AUG 22

Featuring solos by Carmen Argote, Le'Andra LeSeur, Claudia Pena Salinas, Gao Yuan and many more on Frieze Viewing Room

05 MAY 20

‘To me, it offers a particular emotional experience – something like joyful grief’

BY Laura McLean-Ferris | 11 JAN 19

Curators’ first edition of Focus section brings together 33 young galleries from Hong Kong, Mumbai and Vienna

22 JUN 18

In her current solo show at Kunsthalle Zurich, the artist's sculptures propose new manners of dwelling and co-existence

BY Laura McLean-Ferris | 05 MAR 18

Andrew Bonacina and Laura McLean-Ferris lead survey of global emerging positions

18 JAN 18

#J20 Art Strike gains more signatures; Trump set to scrap NEA and NEH funding; William Onyeabor passes away

20 JAN 17

P.P.O.W and Galerie Lelong, New York, USA

BY Laura McLean-Ferris | 24 NOV 16

Three new exhibitions from Lena Henke, Yngve Holen, and Anne Imhof

BY Laura McLean-Ferris | 25 JUL 16

Negar Azimi on Jane Bowles and bell hooks on Beyoncé: what to read this weekend

BY Paul Clinton | 13 MAY 16

Body and soul in the performances of Alexandra Bachzetsis

BY Laura McLean-Ferris | 29 MAY 15

Glasgow Sculpture Studios, UK

BY Chris Sharratt | 12 MAR 15