Science Fiction

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Natasha Stagg on the work of Chris Dorland

BY Natasha Stagg |

The artist’s exhibition at Centre d’art contemporain Passerelle, Brest, blends gender, race and class politics with science fiction

BY Wilson Tarbox |

From ‘Spaceballs’ to ‘The Orville’, the reason why so many interstellar sitcoms fail to raise a smile

BY Tom Morton |

How dystopian literature influenced the meal replacement industry

BY Chris Fite-Wassilak |

Nearly three hours long and containing only two jokes, with this film somehow you don’t mind

BY Jennifer Higgie |

Donna Haraway takes on the Anthropocene

BY Robin van den Akker |

From Atatürk and Turkish nationalism in art to the enduring creepiness of Bruce Conner: what to read this weekend

BY Paul Clinton |

A day long programme of film screenings, talks and readings is dedicated to British science fiction and horror writer Nigel Kneale at New York's Michelson Theater

BY Dan Fox |

Tom Morton on Walt Disney, 20th-century science fiction movies and the prospect of revival from death

BY Tom Morton |