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The artist’s new installation at SculptureCenter is a strained metaphor for colonization, gender binaries and time itself

BY Travis Diehl |

On the occasion of Liz Larner’s survey at Sculpture Center in New York, Jonathan Griffin looks closely at black iris (2021)

BY Jonathan Griffin |

Ahead of his latest solo show at Chisenhale Gallery, the artist speaks to Nicholas Nauman about working with animal byproducts and getting comfortable with failure

BY Nicholas Nauman |

At SculptureCenter, a recent survey takes a narrow look at the artist’s career, focusing on his tech-inspired works from the 1980s and ’90s

BY Rahel Aima |

Printed Matter, SculptureCenter and Skowhegan join Camden Arts Centre, Studio Voltaire, Whitechapel Gallery and Serpentine Galleries

Non-profits present collectible works by leading international artists — with a discount for ticket buyers

SculptureCenter, New York, USA

BY Josephine Graf |

Mary Ceruti explains why sculpture might matter more than ever, and the artworks they’re bringing exlucsively to Frieze New York

SculptureCenter, New York, USA

BY Hannah Stamler |

Cultural anthropology via impersonation, pageantry and apprenticeship

BY Carmen Winant |


BY Lumi Tan |

SculptureCenter, New York, USA

BY Graham T. Beck |

The Sculpture Center, New York, USA

BY Jenni Sorkin |