Steven Zultanski

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The artist and poet speak to frieze about staging the domestic intimacies of the pandemic and post-pandemic worlds

The artists speaks to Steven Zultanski from the set of her new film in Tivoli, New York

BY Steven Zultanski | 21 APR 21

At Kunsthall Charlottenborg, a group exhibition aims to draw connections between witch trials and colonialism but fails to grapple with their continuities 

BY Steven Zultanski | 12 JAN 21

A retrospective of the Japanese artist's work at Louisiana Museum, Humlebæk, sheds new light on his merging of the biological and the artificial

BY Steven Zultanski | 21 JUL 20

Steven Zultanski on the Chicago-based cult video artist

BY Steven Zultanski | 20 APR 20

A remarkable new collection of writings by Madeline Gins makes a strong case for her work as an uncategorizable poet

BY Steven Zultanski | 08 APR 20

In ‘All That Beauty’, it’s not a matter of seeing better, or more clearly; it’s a matter of seeing more widely and wildly

BY Steven Zultanski | 30 OCT 19

In My Mother Laughs, Akerman’s pain while watching her mother’s health worsen becomes entwined with the shock of heartbreak

BY Steven Zultanski | 10 JUL 19

A survey at Denmark’s Louisiana Museum displays the Austrian artist’s expert linking of social concerns and surrealism

BY Steven Zultanski | 09 JUL 19

Steven Zultanski reviews five wide-ranging new collections that address immigration, love and the cruelties of the internet

BY Steven Zultanski | 13 JUN 19

The late artist Knud Viktor painted a sonic portrait of the non-human world

BY Steven Zultanski | 25 MAR 19

Cruel Fiction expresses hope for concrete social movements that imagine a different world than our own

BY Steven Zultanski | 20 SEP 18

From credit scores to algorithmic policing, Jackie Wang’s Carceral Capitalism reveals technocracy as not merely analytical, but predictive

BY Steven Zultanski | 17 JAN 18