Venice Architecture Biennale

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As Italy comes under full lock-down, surveying the effects of a global health emergency

BY Pablo Larios | 10 MAR 20

A number of exhibitions in London explore how contemporary technologies and lifestyles are changing the architecture of the home

BY George Kafka | 11 JUL 18
City Report

From the chapels of the first ever Vatican Pavilion to representing Britain in the era of Brexit, the national presentations for the 16th edition

BY Declan Long | 01 JUN 18

In further news: Emperor Constantine’s missing finger discovered in the Louvre; and are Van Gogh’s Sunflowers turning brown?

01 JUN 18
City Report

From Assemble’s marbled floor tiles to Peter Zumthor's mixed-media miniatures, Emily King reports from the main exhibition

BY Emily King | 30 MAY 18

In further news: #MeToo flashmob at Venice Architecture Biennale; BBC historian advocates for return of British museums’s colonial loot

29 MAY 18

The curators want to rectify the biennale’s ‘failure to question the hetero-normative production of space’; ‘poppers will be served’ at the opening

14 MAY 18

A fragment of the brutalist Robin Hood Gardens will go on show at the Venice Architecture Biennale

BY Crystal Bennes | 14 MAY 18

In further news: Kenneth Frampton receives Golden Lion at Venice Architecture Biennale; and MoMA sues a cafe for copyright infringement

20 APR 18

Reflections on the 15th Venice Architecture Biennale

BY Carson Chan | 17 JUN 16

The German Pavillon at the Venice Architecture Biennale 2016, and the push to build homes for refugees

BY Niklas Maak | 13 JUN 16

15th Venice Architecture Biennale: the German pavilion showcases projects for rehousing refugees

BY Niklas Maak | 01 JUN 16

Various venues, Italy

BY Rahma Khazam | 13 AUG 14

Inevitably, some critic or other, whether writing about Venice’s art or architecture biennales, ‘reveals’ the enterprise’s imperial trappings. Among reading I took for the journey to this year’s Architecture Biennale was the September–October 1990 edition of artscribe. For weeks I had meant to read an interview it contained with Derek Jarman but, coincidently, the issue also featured a review of that year’s Biennale by Jan Avgikos titled ‘The Dangers of Tourism’. What had I let myself in for?

BY Jonathan P. Watts | 13 DEC 12

For the first time in its history, the Director of the Venice Architecture Biennale is a woman: acclaimed architect Kazuyo Sejima

BY Helen Chang | 01 SEP 10

A report from the 11th International Architecture Biennale

BY Oliver Wainwright | 29 SEP 08

The 2002 Venice Architecture Biennale

BY Emily King | 11 NOV 02