in Film , Frieze , Videos | 30 NOV 17

Alex Bag: Diaper Surprise

For Frieze Projects 2017, video artist Alex Bag’s playful provocation takes on consumer and pop culture

in Film , Frieze , Videos | 30 NOV 17
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Highly influential American artist Alex Bag, known for her video performances since the 1990s, subverts the vocabularies of advertising, music videos and reality TV to critique today’s neo-liberal structures. Her mediated parodies teeter between celebration and critique. Commissioned by Frieze Projects, Diaper Surprise (2017) was first screened at Frieze London 2017 and as part of Random Acts on Channel 4, midnight 9 November 2017.

Alex Bag (b. 1969, New York; lives and works in New York) has exhibited internationally since the mid 1990s, including solo exhibitions at The Whitney Museum, The Migros, ICA Miami, and The Warhol Foundation.

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