in Frieze | 04 MAY 19

‘An Artist Who Has the World Really Buzzing Right Now’

The Frieze LIFEWTR Fund acquires Diedrick Brackens for the Brooklyn Museum

in Frieze | 04 MAY 19
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At Frieze New York 2019, the LIFEWTR Fund enabled the Brooklyn Museum to acquire two major works by acclaimed emerging artists for its permanent collection. when no softness came (2019) by Diedrick Brackens, and 13 International Dogs by Gala Porras-Kim join one of the nation’s most comprehensive collections, spanning 5,000 years of human creativity from cultures in every corner of the globe.

Launched in 2017, The LIFEWTR Fund at Frieze New York supports the acquisition of significant works by emerging artists for the Brooklyn Museum, a leading cultural institution and community museum dedicated to serving a wide-ranging audience.  In 2017, the LIFEWTR Fund made possible the Museum’s acquisition of Untitled (1971) by Virginia Jaramillo, as well as Untitled (1978-80) by Ed Clark in 2018.