Sungsil Ryu: ‘You face all kinds of human beings online, it’s like a jungle’

Ahead of the inaugural Frieze Seoul, we talk to South Korean artist Sungsil Ryu about humour, chaos and working online to reach audiences beyond the art world

in Frieze Seoul , Interviews , Videos | 04 AUG 22
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We visit the Sewoon Arcade with artist Sungsil Ryu (represented by P21 at Frieze Seoul 2022). 

Through her YouTube-inspired videos, performances and immersive installations, Ryu examines Korean culture today, where ancient traditions and spirituality are entangled with neoliberal and consumerist forces.

The artist becomes a virtual subject in her video works, which address themes of war, religion, sex, death and critiques of traditional values – topics often considered taboo.