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At Gallery Hyundai, Seoul, the painter combines Korean folk, Chinese Buddhist and Western Renaissance iconography to complicate the idea of national cultural heritage

BY Andy St. Louis | 22 SEP 20

With KIAF in town, your guide to the best exhibitions 

BY Mimi Chu | 27 SEP 19

‘By its closing scenes, I felt compelled to stand up and clap’

BY Yung Ma | 18 DEC 18

Highlights including Choi Jeong Hwa’s riotous installation at MMCA and a survey of the current abstract painting revival in the city

BY Yujin Min | 13 NOV 18

Natural and manmade phenomena intermingle, producing dreamlike forms in the artist’s solo show at PKM Gallery, Seoul

BY Yujin Min | 15 SEP 18

Known for swathes of standardized modernist high-rises, the South Korean capital is transforming itself into a hub for architectural design

BY Priya Khanchandani | 18 DEC 17

Founders of the Book Society in Seoul, Helen Ku and Lim Kyung Yong, talk about the origins of their bookshop and publishing house

BY Amy Sherlock | 19 OCT 17

Gallery Hyundai, Seoul, Korea

BY Lorena Muñoz-Alonso | 29 SEP 17

Highlights of the exhibitions taking place during Gallery Weekend Korea

BY Tiffany Yeon Chae | 20 SEP 17

Kukje Gallery, Seoul, South Korea

BY Tiffany Yeon Chae | 03 JUL 17

Seoul Museum of Art, Korea

BY Park Jaeyong | 22 MAR 17

Kukje Gallery, Seoul, Korea

BY Harry Thorne | 27 SEP 16

With the opening of Media City Seoul 2016, a guide to the best current shows in the South Korean capital

BY Park Jaeyong | 01 SEP 16

Travis Jeppesen and Sook-Kyung Lee explore the South Korean capital, a city that is fast cementing its place as a leading international destination for art

BY Sook-Kyung Lee AND Travis Jeppesen | 15 JUL 16

The multiple registers and references in the work of Haegue Yang

BY Kito Nedo | 21 APR 15