Issue 141
September 2011

For the 20th anniversary issue frieze asked 20 artists whose work has been on the cover of frieze to nominate a contemporary artist whose work inspires them. Artists, including Doug Aitken, Charles Atlas, Jeremy Deller, Tracey Emin, Louise Lawler, Richard Prince and Wolfgang Tillmans, tell us whose work they think is timely and provocative.

In their ‘State of the Art’ editorial editors Jörg Heiser and Jennifer Higgie ask how the art world has changed since the first issue of frieze.

Also included are original contributions from writers Tom McCarthy and the International Necronautical Society, Mark von Schlegell, and Bruce Sterling, all of whom explore different visions of the future. Plus, a unique artist project by Joseph Kosuth, who used the first issue of frieze to create a ‘house of ideas’.

From this issue

James Fuentes LLC

BY Marina Cashdan | 01 SEP 11

Queens Museum of Art

BY Colin Perry | 01 SEP 11

Susanne Vielmetter Los Angeles Projects

BY Ian Chang | 01 SEP 11

Transmission Gallery

BY Steven Cairns | 01 SEP 11

Timothy Taylor Gallery & Henry Moore Institute

BY Colin Perry | 01 SEP 11

It’s hard to tell the difference these days

BY Francesco Bonami | 01 SEP 11

The Showroom

BY Antony Hudek | 01 SEP 11

It’s 20 years since the first issue of frieze. How has the art world changed in that time?

BY Jörg Heiser AND Jennifer Higgie | 01 SEP 11

V22 Workspace, Young British Art

BY Tom Morton | 01 SEP 11

Museo del Novecento

BY Barbara Casavecchia | 01 SEP 11

Hayward Gallery

BY Kathy Noble | 01 SEP 11

Galerie Meyer Kainer

BY Bettina Brunner | 01 SEP 11

Barbara Seiler Galerie

BY Quinn Latimer | 01 SEP 11

Galerie Nordenhake

BY Mark Prince | 01 SEP 11

Throughout the 1990s, the rise of neo-conceptual art coincided with an increasing engagement with theory as a generator of ideas. Did that interest wane, or did it take on new forms in the years that followed? A look back at the last two decades in philosophy

BY Simon Critchley | 01 SEP 11

frieze invited 15 artists and writers to discuss some of the significant musicians and releases of the last 20 years

01 SEP 11

A short story with images from Ben Rivers’ film Slow Action (2010)

BY Mark von Schlegell | 01 SEP 11

We know about the last two decades, but what do the years between now and 2031 have in store?

BY Bruce Sterling | 01 SEP 11

What have you been watching? 26 artists and writers respond to the last two decades

01 SEP 11

An update of Raymond Williams's 1975 dictionary of culture for today's art world

BY Dan Fox AND Jennifer Higgie | 01 SEP 11

We invited frieze contributors to discuss the writers and publications they consider to be the most significant of the last 20 years

01 SEP 11

The last 20 years have seen revolutions in technology that have transformed our lives. How have art and its institutions reacted?

BY Lauren Cornell | 01 SEP 11

The collected music criticism of the pioneering feminist writer Ellen Willis

BY Anwyn Crawford | 01 SEP 11

How old are you? Twenty.

01 SEP 11

How memory has changed

BY Jennifer Allen | 01 SEP 11

Alexandria Contemporary Arts Forum

BY Clare Davies | 01 SEP 11

The last two decades have seen a proliferation of curatorial studies programmes. How has this affected methodology and display, and what is the future of these courses?

BY Christy Lange | 01 SEP 11

Casa Franca-Brasil

BY Jochen Volz | 01 SEP 11

Three reports from ‘ILLUMInations’, the Giardini and the off-site pavilions 

The problems of acting natural

BY Lynne Tillman | 01 SEP 11

The brick as metaphor in South African art and writing

BY Sean O'Toole | 01 SEP 11

The Cure, Damien Hirst and beyond: the evolution of the British cultural landscape

01 SEP 11

The dangers of reducing everything to a text

BY Vivian Sky Rehberg | 01 SEP 11

Two new publications look at how reading is changing

BY Leo Robson | 01 SEP 11

Admonitions and Exhortations for the Cultural Producers of the early-to-mid-21st Century

BY Tom McCarthy | 01 SEP 11