Issue 62
October 2001

"With Interior Scroll there was a very mixed reaction … There was a banker who went into a completely ecstatic state, saying, ‘now I understand tickertape’”. "So we were in the back of the Roundhouse, and Sam Cutler made sangria. The first people to get this sangria were the directors, but by the time I tried to get to my techies, the floor was moving. It was like a plague, a tiny cancer was spreading.”

Carolee Schneemann talks to Michael Bracewell in the latest issue of frieze plus Annika Larsson, Mark Leckey, Nils Norman, Sabine Hornig and Dan Fox on artists’ filmic aspirations.

From this issue

Andrea Mason digs window boxes

Laird Borelli observes the rise of tompe l'oeil in fashion

BY Laird Borelli |

Emily King grapples with The Designers Republic's firt book

BY Emily King |

Keith Stuart slips into 21st-century sportswear

BY Keith Stuart |

The Photographers Gallery, London, UK

BY Polly Staple |

ICA, London, UK

BY Dale McFarland |

South London Gallery, London, UK

BY Dan Fox |

PICTUREshow, Berlin, Germany

BY Jörg Heiser |

Stephan Friedman Gallery, London, UK

BY Tom Morton |

Westfalischer Kunstverein/ Filmclub Munster, Munster, Germany

BY Jan Verwoert |

Various Venues, Lyon, France

BY Simon Pooley |

Queens Museum of Art, New York, USA

BY Bennet Simpson |

Collection Lambert, Hotel de Caumont, Avignon, France

BY Sophie Berrebi |

Thread Waxing Space, New York, USA

BY Charles LaBelle |

Rosamund Felsen Gallery, Santa Monica, USA

BY James Scarborough |

The literary enigma of Fernando Pessoa

BY Jerome-Boyd Maunsell |

Richard Linklater

BY Alissa Quart |

Modern chapels

BY Phyllis Richardson |

Burlesque costume

BY Liz Goldwyn |

Roberto Burle Marx

Nils Norman

Delighting in the misery of Ghost World

BY Ali Subotnick |

Self-illuminating furniture

An interview with Carolee Schneemann

Sabine Hornig

Under the skin of 'phonography'

BY Philip Sherburne |

Moving pictures

Wigging out at the 2001 Air Guitar World Championships

Mervyn Peake illustrates Bloomsbury's new edition of the children's classic

BY Helen Slater |