Issue 69
September 2002

“Somewhere at the heart of every bi-, tri-, quad- quintennial (and my, doesn’t it seem like every other town has one these days?) there survives a dearly held but fuzzy belief in a plain old-fashioned internationalism”

“Language remains an awkwardly unresolved issue, for the discourse surrounding Documenta 11 unwittingly revealed that there is still no satisfactory or widely agreed vocabulary for dealing with ‘difference’ in contemporary culture.”

“Talking the talk the way the curators of Documenta 11 did at the opening press conference – about disregarding or deliberately overleaping traditional boundaries … – raised the issue of also walking the walk.”

Dan Fox, Kobena Mercer and Thomas McEvilley ponder the vast Documenta experience in the September issue of frieze.

Plus Joerg Heiser on Francis Alys, Adam McEwen on Tom Friedman, Jan Verwoert on Manfred Pernice and Lars Bang Larsen on Pia Ronicke.

From this issue

Each of artistic director Okwui Enwezor's six co-curators - Sarat Maharaj, Octavio Zaya, Carlos Basualdo, Ute Meta Bauer, Susanne Ghez and Mark Nash - spoke briefly, followed by Enwezor himself.

BY Thomas McEvilley | 09 SEP 02

The Studio Museum in Harlem, New York, USA

BY James Trainor | 09 SEP 02

MoCa, Los Angeles, USA

BY Ronald Jones | 09 SEP 02

Halle fur Kunst, Luneburg, Germany

BY Jan Verwoert | 09 SEP 02

Griffin Contemporary, Los Angeles, USA

BY Eve Meltzer | 09 SEP 02

Charlottenborg Museum, Copenhagen, Denmark

BY Ina Blom | 09 SEP 02

VTO, London, UK

BY Sally O'Reilly | 09 SEP 02

Henry Moore Institute, Leeds, UK

BY Tom Morton | 09 SEP 02

Galerie Barbara Weiss, Berlin, Germany

BY Dominic Eichler | 09 SEP 02

Norwich Gallery, UK

BY Matt Price | 09 SEP 02

London Institute Gallery, UK

BY Richard Blandford | 09 SEP 02

Camden Arts Centre, London, UK

BY Dan Wilkinson | 09 SEP 02

carlier | gebauer, Berlin, Germany

BY Kirsty Bell | 09 SEP 02

The Drawing Center, New York, USA

BY Michael Wilson | 09 SEP 02

Boijmans Museum, Rotterdam, the Netherlands

BY Elena Filipovic | 09 SEP 02

Kunstverein, Graz, Austria

BY Jörg Heiser | 09 SEP 02

Various Venues, Sydney, Australia

BY Daniel Palmer | 09 SEP 02

Tramway, Glasgow, Scotland

BY Sarah Lowndes | 09 SEP 02

Marianne Boesky Gallery, New York, USA

BY Peter Eleey | 09 SEP 02

Patrick Painter Inc., Los Angeles, USA

BY Charles LaBelle | 09 SEP 02

Manfred Pernice

BY Jan Verwoert | 09 SEP 02

Various venues, Kassel, Germany

BY Kobena Mercer | 09 SEP 02

Jörg Heiser on the work of Francis Alÿs.

BY Jörg Heiser | 09 SEP 02

Various venues, Kassel, Germany

BY Thomas McEvilley | 09 SEP 02

Various venues, Kassel, Germany

BY Dan Fox | 09 SEP 02

The Cockettes

BY Daniel Reich | 09 SEP 02

Experimental Radio

BY George Pendle | 09 SEP 02

Childrens Books

BY Lydia Syson | 09 SEP 02

Private Planes

BY Andrew Gellatly | 09 SEP 02

The Glasgow label Shadazz

BY Mark Beasley | 09 SEP 02

Designer Storage

BY Emily King | 09 SEP 02

Hawkins' Dinosaurs

BY Tom Morton | 09 SEP 02