Issue 72
Jan - Feb 2003

Tom Morton explores the work of Jeremy Deller from Advance Warning Sign to Acid Brass, Secret Hand Signals for the Middle Classes, The Battle of Orgreave, and his latest project After the Gold Rush.

Plus Rebecca Warren, Eric Wesley, Daniel Roth, Walid Raad, Deimantas Narkevicius and Kerstin Kartscher, Daniel Birnbaum celebrates Michel Majerus and his recent Bradenburg Gate project, Michael Bracewell looks at artists’ ephemera, Dan Fox on Black Dice and Eve Meltzer visits Robert Smithson’s re-emerging Spiral Jetty.

From this issue

The fleeting enchantment of paper aeroplanes

23 JAN 03

Anna Schwartz Gallery, Melbourne, Australia

BY Daniel Palmer | 02 JAN 03

The Fabric Workshop and Museum, Philadelphia and 303 Gallery, New York, USA

BY Peter Eleey | 02 JAN 03

Mobile Home, London, UK

BY Michael Wilson | 02 JAN 03

Arnolfini, Bristol and Matt's Gallery, London, UK

BY Morgan Falconer | 02 JAN 03

Getty Research Institute, Los Angeles, USA

BY Jenni Sorkin | 02 JAN 03

One in the Other, London, UK

BY Holly Walsh | 02 JAN 03

The Modern Institute, Glasgow, Scotland

BY Sarah Lowndes | 02 JAN 03

Stedelijk Museum Bureau, Amsterdam, The Netherlands

BY Alex Mar | 02 JAN 03

Museum of Contemporary Art, Zagreb, Croatia

BY Maja and Reuben Fowkes | 02 JAN 03

The artist’s exhibition ‘Milton Keynes New City’ flirts with combinations of the familiar and uncanny

BY Dominic Eichler | 02 JAN 03

White Columns, New York, USA

BY Andrea K. Scott | 02 JAN 03

Produzentengalerie, Hamburg, Germany

BY Jan Verwoert | 02 JAN 03

Gagosian Gallery, London, UK

BY Karen Rosenberg | 02 JAN 03

Jeremy Deller

BY Tom Morton | 01 JAN 03

Eric Wesley

BY Julian Myers | 01 JAN 03

Deimantas Narkevicius

01 JAN 03

Kerstin Kartscher

BY Dominic Eichler | 01 JAN 03

Harry Smith's Paper Aeroplane Collection

BY George Pendle | 01 JAN 03

'Extra Art: a Survey of Artists' Ephemera 1960-1999'

BY Michael Bracewell | 01 JAN 03

Visiting Robert Smithson's re-emerging Spiral Jetty

BY Eve Meltzer | 01 JAN 03

M/M's refashioning of Paris Vogue

BY Emily King | 01 JAN 03

Black Dice and Musical Context

BY Dan Fox | 01 JAN 03

Visual Poetry

01 JAN 03

The side-effects of looking at too much art

BY Melinda Guy | 01 JAN 03

Krannert Art Museum, University of Illinois, Champaign, USA

BY Martin Patrick | 01 JAN 03

White Cube, London, UK

BY Martin Herbert | 01 JAN 03

UCLA Hammer Museum, Los Angeles, USA

BY Eve Meltzer | 01 JAN 03

Kunstverein fur die Rheinlande und Westfalen, Dusseldorf, Germany