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At [tart vienna], the self-taught artist privileges free and direct expression over conservation and legibility

BY Ramona Heinlein |

At the Norwegian National Museum, architects employ the foundational skill of their craft to push against the limitations of contemporary construction

BY Feliks Isaksen |

A specially commissioned visual essay by the artist, ahead of his Hammer Museum retrospective

BY Paul McCarthy |

In Buffalo, the artist Marlene McCarty has planted a toxic garden that draws on the area’s intertwined histories of capitalism, expropriation and utopian dreaming

BY Jennifer Kabat |

The artist’s nine-day performance in the museum’s galleries ties the migration of peoples and objects to the systems that control and classify them 

In ‘This Marram’, TM Davy ushers you into a very personal – and almost enchanted – sliver of Fire Island

BY Shiv Kotecha |

‘I could sit among the velvet blackness forever’

BY Gabriella Pounds |

The drawing of a nude model by the Austrian Expressionist belongs to a series of 22 other works 

BY Frieze News Desk |

A show at London’s Cabinet Gallery gives insight into the great writer’s most troubled period

BY Patrick Langley |

Bringing together more than 200 artworks, the Drawing Biennial 2019 hammers home why the medium is still so crucial to artists working today

BY Sophie Ruigrok |

A series of specially commissioned drawings for frieze's 200th issue

‘In everything she does, Adele’s honesty is at the core of her vision’

BY Allison Katz |

South London perspectives on stereotypes, power and ideological systems

On copying, repeating, quoting and joking, Sturtevant & The Salon Pour Rire

BY Mimi Chu |

A series of installations and a new LP from artist, composer and percussionist Eli Keszler

BY Michael Barron |

Fanta Spazio, Milan, Italy

BY Vincenzo Latronico |

Hammer Museum, Los Angeles, USA

BY Olivian Cha |

Radical minimalism from India and Pakistan

BY Shanay Jhaveri |

An exhibition of twenty works on paper uses archetypes found in European fairytales

BY Tal Sterngast |

MoMa Queens, New York, USA

BY James Trainor |