Institute of Contemporary Arts

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Juliet Jacques speaks to the artist – currently the subject of ‘Introspective’, a 50-film survey at London’s ICA and Close-Up Film Centre – about humour and simplicity 

BY Juliet Jacques | 02 NOV 22

The 1994 exhibition, ‘The Institute of Cultural Anxiety’, at the Institute of Contemporary Arts in London resonates powerfully with the culture and politics of 2019

BY Jonathan P. Watts | 26 OCT 19

The Director of London’s ICA, Stefan Kalmár, on why publicly funded institutions must respond to the emergencies defining our world today

BY Stefan Kalmár | 24 AUG 18

The whisteblower and former intelligence analyst will speak on algorithms’s impact on democracy, LGBTQ rights and Cambridge Analytica

14 AUG 18

The new director of London's ICA discusses rebuilding, restructuring and the integrity of culture

BY Paul Teasdale | 10 FEB 17

A Twitter academic, a science fiction writer and a Wells Fargo debit card: Martine Syms shares some images that are important to her

BY Martine Syms | 11 APR 16

Institute of Contemporary Arts, London, UK

BY Patrick Langley | 25 SEP 15

Institute of Contemporary Art, London, UK

BY Laura Castagnini | 17 FEB 15

Institute of Contemporary Arts, London, UK

BY Brian Dillon | 01 JAN 10

Quiet afternoons and meditations on the malleability of time

BY Jennifer Higgie | 01 OCT 09