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At SFER IK in Tulum, Mexico, Mayan architecture and site-specific exhibitions propose a ‘return’ to nature

BY Vanessa Thill | 05 AUG 19

An exhibition at MUAC, Mexico City, revisits how the artists searched for new forms of collective expression during the late 1960s

BY Anna Goetz | 14 FEB 19

‘By changing oppressive patterns on many levels, the movement has much to say about feminism in the present moment’

BY Brenda Lozano | 08 JAN 19

This year's edition of the FEMSA Biennial takes place in Zacatecas and reflects on the craft and industrial traditions of the Mexican city 

BY Dorothée Dupuis | 27 NOV 18

A Mexican judge has halted sales of the doll following a dispute over image rights

24 APR 18

In the studio with Pedro Friedeberg, the last of Mexico’s Surrealists

BY Matt Stromberg | 08 FEB 17

La Tallera, Cuernavaca, Mexico

BY Dorothée Dupuis | 26 OCT 16

How the work of a younger generation of artists reflects Mexico’s social problems

BY Magalí Arriola | 01 JUN 16
City Report

Leslie Moody Castro explores the burgeoning gallery scene in the south of Mexico

BY Leslie Moody Castro | 20 APR 16

Is a new greenhouse in Mexico a blueprint for the museum of the future?

BY Sam Thorne | 11 MAR 16

The Aztec imagery and digital soundworld of Mexican producer Javier Estrada

BY Jace Clayton | 01 SEP 12