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In Parallel Mothers (2021), the director delves further into the difficulties of Spain's political past

BY Tommy Greene | 09 MAR 22

The challenges faced by the Institut Valencià d’Art Modern have involved a form of firefighting that many museums outside of capital cities seem in thrall to

BY Max Andrews | 22 OCT 19

The sculpture, which became a viral sensation, required 1000 hours of restoration work

BY Frieze News Desk | 21 JUN 19

An oil painting by the Venetian master has incurred a 90cm tear after falling from a wall in a royal monastery

10 OCT 18

In other art world madness: art school lessons from Kanye; gallery solves parking dispute with ‘gay conversion therapy’ banner

BY In the Name of Art | 10 SEP 18

Now open to the public, the prison, modelled on Bentham’s panopticon, gives insight into the tumultuous history of working class uprisings

BY Carlos Delclós | 10 JUL 18

Guggenheim Bilbao, Spain

BY Lorena Muñoz-Alonso | 17 JAN 18

What impact has the repressive offensive against demands for independence had on the Catalan cultural scene?

BY Albert Forns | 10 NOV 17