Wolfgang Tillmans

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Galleries will revisit exhibitions from the 1990s that have had a lasting impact on contemporary art

13 JUL 16

Wolfgang Tillmans has launched a pro-EU poster campaign. Should more UK cultural institutions be speaking out?

BY Saim Demircan | 29 APR 16

Wolfgang Tillmans creates a series of anti-Brexit posters and Atena Farghadani has her prison sentence reduced

29 APR 16

Tate announces its 2017 programme; Cairo's Townhouse Gallery will be rebuilt - the latest news from the art world

22 APR 16

British art and the 1990s

BY Dan Fox | 23 NOV 13

Jennifer Higgie interviews the artist at his Paris studio

BY Jennifer Higgie | 25 OCT 13

A selective history of things on tables

BY Jennifer Higgie | 30 SEP 13

Presentation House Gallery, Vancouver, Canada

BY Dan Adler | 01 SEP 09

For 20 years, Wolfgang Tillmans’s photography has been a sustained meditation on observation, perception and translation

BY Dominic Eichler | 01 OCT 08

Tate Britain, London, UK

BY Tom Morton | 10 OCT 03

nGbK, Berlin, Germany

BY Dominic Eichler | 04 APR 02