in Frieze London , Videos | 15 OCT 21

Frieze Tate Fund Acquires Works by Edgar Calel, Sung Tieu and More

Rene Matić, Mike Silva, and Obiora Udechukwu are also among the artists whose works have been acquired for the UK national collection

in Frieze London , Videos | 15 OCT 21
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Artist Grada Kilomba talks about the works which have been been acquired for the Tate collection, thanks to the Frieze Tate Fund 2021 supported by Endeavor.

This is the sixth year that Endeavor has made available £150,000 for the Frieze Tate Fund, set aside exclusively for the acquisition of works at Frieze for Tate’s collection.

To date more than 150 works by over 90 artists have been acquired, contributing to displays and exhibitions across Tate’s four galleries. Recently acquired works by Larry Achiampong, Helen Cammock and Claudette Johnson can currently be seen in Tate Britain’s newly rehung contemporary art displays, which opened this week.

For the first time, this year’s Frieze Tate Fund selection panel includes an artist, Grada Kilomba, whose own work was acquired through the fund in 2020. She joins guest curator Hammad Nasar, alongside Tate’s Polly Staple (Director of Collection, British Art), Gregor Muir (Director of Collection, International Art), Clarrie Wallis (Senior Curator of Contemporary British Art), Catherine Wood (Senior Curator, International Art, Performance), Tamsin Hong (Assistant Curator, International Art, Performance) and Nathan Ladd (Assistant Curator, Contemporary British Art)

Full list of works

Edgar Calel
The Echo of an Ancient Form of Knowledge, 2021
(Ru k’ ox k’ob’el jun ojer etemab’el)
Natural stones and fruit
Dimensions variable

Some Two or Three Offerings for Our Ancestors, 2021
(Jun Kio Oxi qi Munib al ri qatit qa Mama)
Pencil and crayon on paper
24 x 33 cm

Both acquired from Proyectos Ultravioleta

Rene Matić
Group of fifteen photographs from the series ‘flags for countries that don’t exist but bodies that do’, 2018-2021
Inkjet prints
Dimensions variable
Each from an edition of 3 +IIAP

Acquired from Arcadia Missa

Mike Silva
Jason (Curtain), 2021
Oil on linen
167.6 x 111.8 cm
Acquired from The Approach

Sung Tieu
The Earth And The Sky, 2021
Bed and pillow sheets VEB Vowetex, duvet, pillow, metal wire with framed Work Contract, stamps on digital print
34 x 67 x 50 cm
Work Contract, in 3 parts, each: 32.1 x 23.4 cm

Filling Gaps, 2021
Tampons from VEB Vliestextilien Lößnitztal, polished stainless-steel tube with framed Work Contract, stamp on digital print, framed
2.5 x 120 x 2.5 cm
Work Contract, in 3 parts, each: 32.1 x 23.4 cm

Both acquired from Emalin

Obiora Udechukwu
The Moon Has Ascended Between Us,1976
Oil on board
122 x 61.5 cm

Gidan Tailor (Tailor’s House),1976
Ink and wash on paper
38 x 28 cm

Preacher, 1976
Ink and wash on paper
38.5 x 28 cm

The Newcomer, 1983
Ink on paper
40.6 x 30.5 cm

All acquired from Kó