in Collaborations | 26 APR 18

Liliane Tomasko: ‘a dream of’

With a new painting show opening at Blain | Southern, Berlin, the artist speaks of revisiting personal history and pulling memory into the present

in Collaborations | 26 APR 18
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‘I'm always going back in time and pulling things back, back into the present’. For Berlin-based artist Liliane Tomasko’s first show with Blain | Southern, the artist has created a new series of paintings based on the memories of her dreams. For this video we visited the artist in her studio where she explains her working process, picking up a camera in her teens and revisiting those visceral dreams that have remained with her, ‘visualizing things through abstraction that you can't grasp any other way.’

Liliane Tomasko, ‘a dream of’ opens at Blain | Southern, Berlin, on 27 April from 6 – 9pm. It runs from 28 April – 16 June 2018.  

A Zapote Productions film. Courtesy: the artist and Blain | Southern, Berlin/London