in Frieze London , Videos | 14 OCT 21

Rebecca Bellantoni: Frieze LIVE 2021

Watch Condition the roses, accept the vision. C.R.Y (2021), part of Frieze London's programme of performance curated by Languid Hands

in Frieze London , Videos | 14 OCT 21
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Condition the roses, accept the vision. C.R.Y, is centred around questions of liminal space. Thinking through and with the possibilities of re/creation, the performance asks if the liminal space can become physical and what form that might take. What is possible within this space? Who and what can enter/join? Is the liminal space a communal one? What can be shared and is it possible to leave a liminal space with something ‘concrete’, foundational and workable?

Rebecca Bellantoni is an artist based in London. Bellantoni mines everyday occurrences and abstracts them, investigating through the lens of metaphysics, spirit/energy, religion and the aesthetics of them, to trouble the accepted/expected ‘real’; and the experiential ‘real’. Bellantoni asks, how might these removed borders offer portals to self, collective reasoning and healing thought/action? Black geographies and their attendant realities are a research element. 

Her practice is wide-ranging and utilises video, performance, photography, textiles, printmaking, sculpture, writing and sound-text. Recent works and projects have been shown at PUBLICs, Helsinki, Tate, Block Universe, Palais de Tokyo, Raven Row and Stroom Den Haag.

About LIVE 2021

This year’s LIVE programme is curated by Languid Hands, a London-based artistic and curatorial collaboration between Rabz Lansiquot, filmmaker, programmer and DJ, and Imani Robinson, interdisciplinary writer, editor and live artist.

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