A Tour of Latin American & Latinx Art with Rodrigo Moura

Watch Chief Curator of El Museo del Barrio show his highlights of Frieze New York 2023, including works by Sara Flores, Rose Salane, Edgar Calel and Marcos Siqueira

in Frieze New York , Interviews , Videos | 21 MAY 23
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Rodrigo Moura (Chief Curator, El Museo del Barrio) tours the fair to share insights on emerging and exciting LatinX and Latin American artists.

Moura's highlights include Sara Flores (Clearing), featuring in El Museo's new collection exhibition opening during Frieze Week; the conceptual artist Rose Salane (Carlos/Ishikawa), known for her archeological investigations of New York City, showing new works from Pompeii investigating ideas of restitution; Guatemalan artist Edgar Calel (Proyectos Ultravioleta) – whose paintings represent a "really a beautiful way to understand a work of art that it's not completed after it's done", but which have their "own human lifecycle"; and Marcos Siquira (Mitre), whose paintings are created from the raw earth and organic pigments of his Brazilian homeland. 

El Museo del Barrio in New York City opened its new permanent collection exhibition on May 19. "Something Beautiful: Reframing La Colección" is the museum's most ambitious presentation of its unique, complex, and culturally diverse permanent collection in over two decades.

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