Women Artists of Color: A Curated Tour by Terence Trouillot

The senior editor of frieze magazine talks about some of his favorite artists at Frieze New York 2023, including Takako Yamaguchi, Sung Tieu, Emma Prempeh and Farah Al Qasimi

in Frieze New York , Interviews , Videos | 21 MAY 23
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We take a tour of the fair with Terence Trouillot (senior editor, frieze magazine), with a focus on women artists of color and non-western descent.

Trouillot's highlights include the Japanese, Los Angeles-based artist Takako Yamaguchi (showing with Ortuzar Projects), whose paintings explore ideas of Asian femininity to "conflate the culture wars of the 1920s with those of the 1990s when the paintings were made"; Dubai-born, Brooklyn-based Farah Al Qasimi (François Ghebaly) with "gutteral" works which embody "the angst of contemporary life and image culture"; Vietmanese, Berlin-based artist Sung Tieu (Emalin) with a conceptual installation of prison architecture, representing "how the carceral system is pervasive across many cultures"; and Emma Prempeh (Tiwani Contemporary), a Black British artist of Ghanaian and Caribbean descent, whose paintings oxidise to create "work [that] is still alive and thinking about memory as a mutable thing".


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