in Frieze London | 10 OCT 20

Watch Now: Mandy El-Sayegh's LIVE Performance

your words will be used against you, performed for the 2020 LIVE programme

in Frieze London | 10 OCT 20
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El-Sayegh introduces a new site-specific floor installation that acts like a second skin of language and light, and offers a contact space for performances to occupy: it also blurs the lines between other live performances, as well as her new live work with guest collaborator Sanaa Abstrakt and a soundtrack composed by Lily Oakes, taking place on 9 October and broadcast online on 10 October. Performers: Aretha Ameen, Alethia Antonia, Letizia Mateo, Melissa Stewart and Uma Vanderpuye.

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LIVE is Frieze London's showcase for Live Art and sound. This year LIVE is curated by Victor Wang (王宗孚) (Artistic Director and Chief Curator of M WOODS Museum, Beijing). For the first time ever, LIVE will take place at 9 Cork Street in London, where Wang and a group of artists, will establish a temporary Institute of Melodic Healing during Frieze Week. This institute of sound and performance will last for 111 hours, aiming to promote community and healing by thinking through sound and body.