Issue 118
October 2008

Wolfgang Tillmans discusses trust, photography, politics, abstraction, success, friendship, vulnerability and art with Dominic Eichler. James Elkins puts forward five reasons to be gloomy about the art world today and five reasons to be optimistic. Specially commissioned artist’s projects by Matthew Brannon, Cory Arcangel & Dexter Sinister, Wolfgang Tillmans and Donelle Woolford. Polly Staple explores Seth Price‘s multi-media approach to making art, including music, writing, curating, performance, film, video – and plastic.

From this issue

Quotation: ‘The act of repeating erroneously the words of another’

BY Jennifer Higgie | 01 OCT 08

The art market, insider trading and judging greatness

BY George Pendle | 01 OCT 08

In an ongoing series frieze asks curators, artists and writers to list the books that have influenced them

01 OCT 08

Svetlana Boym (Princeton Architectural Press, 2008)

BY Brian Dillon | 01 OCT 08

Federico Fellini (Rizzoli, New York, 2008)

BY Martin Stanton | 01 OCT 08

Simon Critchley (Granta, London, 2008)

01 OCT 08

The strange and wonderful world of gallery assistants

BY Jennifer Allen | 01 OCT 08

The artist lives and works in Istanbul and Berlin

01 OCT 08

Portraits, patterns and fashion; post-colonialism and mortality

BY Jenni Sorkin | 01 OCT 08

Identical dimensions and precarious constellations

BY Christy Lange | 01 OCT 08

Cuba, performance and society’s relationship to its history

BY Jonathan Griffin | 01 OCT 08

Publishing as an act of performance; the materiality of language

BY Sam Thorne | 01 OCT 08

What exactly do we mean when we call an artist or writer a charlatan?

BY Brian Dillion | 01 OCT 08

A commission that involved the artist filling a condemned building with 90,000 litres of chemical liquid

01 OCT 08

The artists employ voices for the first time in an installation that comprises film, sound and kinetic elements

01 OCT 08

The artist’s first web-based project began with the barest of ideas

01 OCT 08

Bridget Riley has conducted an endlessly enriching inquiry into the relationships between form, composition and visual perception

BY Michael Bracewell | 01 OCT 08

Five reasons why the art world is a desperate mess, followed by five responses. Do not read the conclusion until you've read the rest

BY James Elkins | 01 OCT 08

Seth Price’s exploration and manipulation of music, writing, publishing, plastic, curating, discursive performance

BY Polly Staple | 01 OCT 08

For 20 years, Wolfgang Tillmans’s photography has been a sustained meditation on observation, perception and translation

BY Dominic Eichler | 01 OCT 08

Mark Tribe, West Oakland, California, USA

BY Julian Myers | 01 OCT 08

Tate Britain, London, UK

BY Brian Dillon | 01 OCT 08

Andrea Winkler, Hotel Alpenhof, Oberegg, Switzerland

BY Burkhard Meltzer | 01 OCT 08

Alexander Tucker (ATP Recordings, 2008)

01 OCT 08

In an ongoing series, frieze asks artists and filmmakers to list the movies that have influenced their practice

01 OCT 08

Artist Olafur Eliasson’s forthcoming professorship at Berlin’s Universität der Künste will be an experiment in art education

BY Christy Lange | 01 OCT 08

Recent developments in Russian and Chinese contemporary art

BY Ekaterina Degot AND Carol Yinghua Lu | 01 OCT 08

Translation and political subjectivity in the work of Julia Meltzer and David Thorne

BY Hannah Feldman | 01 OCT 08

A new, expanded edition of Lawrence Weschler’s classic, Seeing is Forgetting the Name of the Thing One Sees: A Life of Contemporary Artist Robert Irwin is a cause for celebration

BY Eugenia Bell | 01 OCT 08

Ilya Kabakov’s return to Russia and Moscow’s refurbished Pushkin Museum

BY Robert Storr | 01 OCT 08

The Sculpture Center, New York, USA

BY Jenni Sorkin | 01 OCT 08

Ullens Centre for Contemporary Art, Beijing, China

BY Martin Herbert | 01 OCT 08

South London Gallery, UK

BY Jonathan Griffin | 01 OCT 08

Museum Boijmans van Beuningen, Rotterdam, The Netherlands

BY Douglas Heingartner | 01 OCT 08

Various sites, New York, USA

BY James Trainor | 01 OCT 08

Huerta de San Vincente, Granada, Spain

BY Jennifer Higgie | 01 OCT 08

Metropolitan Museum, New York and Museum of Contemporary Art, Chicago, USA

BY Morgan Falconer | 01 OCT 08

Media Art Bath at the Holburne Museum, Bath, UK

BY Chris Fite-Wassilak | 01 OCT 08

Museum of Modern Art, Warsaw, Poland

BY Małgorzata Charyło | 01 OCT 08

Casey Kaplan Gallery, New York, USA

BY Kristin M. Jones | 01 OCT 08

Pinacoteca do Estado, São Paulo, Brazil

BY Fabio Cypriano | 01 OCT 08

Stuart Shave / Modern Art, London, UK

BY Michael Bracewell | 01 OCT 08

KW Institute for Contemporary Art, Berlin, Germany

BY Christy Lange | 01 OCT 08

Tanya Bonakdar Gallery, New York, USA

BY Joanna Kleinberg | 01 OCT 08

Milton Keynes Gallery, UK

BY Andrew Hunt | 01 OCT 08

Galerie in Taxipalais, Innsbruck, Austria

BY Burkhard Meltzer | 01 OCT 08

P.S.1 Contemporary Art Center, New York, USA

BY Kristin M. Jones | 01 OCT 08

Ingleby Gallery, Edinburgh, UK

BY Sarah Lowndes | 01 OCT 08

Kunstverein für die Rheinlande und Westfalen, Düsseldorf, Germany

BY Catrin Lorch | 01 OCT 08

Kunstverein Freiburg, Germany

BY Michael Hübl | 01 OCT 08

Frankfurter Kunstverein, Germany

BY Amanda Coulson | 01 OCT 08

Whitney Museum of American Art, New York, USA

BY Bradley Horn | 01 OCT 08