Issue 77
September 2003

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Various Venues

BY Tom Morton |

Various Venues

BY Niru Ratnam |

Various Venues

BY Kirsty Bell |

Various Venues

BY Dan Fox |

Various Venues

BY Emily King |

Christian Marclay

BY Philip Sherburne |

Carsten Nicolai

BY Bert Rebhandl |

The philosophy of repetition

BY Brian Dillon |

David Musgrave

BY Martin Herbert |

The Dewey Decimal System

BY Brian Dillon |

Live museum events

BY Alex Farquharson |

The state of the Pop charts

BY Kirsten Grether |

The British Library's recordings of writers and poets

BY Charlotte Taylor |

An interview with Margaret Calvert

BY Phil Baines |

Revisiting Nancy Holt's monumental Earthwork

BY James Trainor |