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In its autumn exhibitions, the Milanese art world focuses on the work of women artists

BY Barbara Casavecchia |

A touching show by the late American artist Bruce Conner in an unfinished church is a highlight of the city's burgeoning art scene

BY Cristina Sanchez-Kozyreva |

Various venues, Paris, France

BY Violaine Boutet de Monvel |

Various venues, Rome, Italy

BY Ana Vukadin |

Various venues, Le Havre, France

BY Tom Jeffreys |

Various venues, Berlin, Germany

BY Ana Teixeira Pinto |

Various venues, Rome, Italy

BY Martin Herbert |

Various venues, Sydney, Australia

BY Wes Hill |

Various venues, Madrid, Spain

BY George Stolz |

Various venues, Vienna, Austria

BY Kimberly Bradley |

Various venues, Berlin, Germany

BY Mitch Speed |

Three new exhibitions from Lena Henke, Yngve Holen, and Anne Imhof

BY Laura McLean-Ferris |

Various venues, Shanghai, China

BY Matthew McLean |

Highlights of a number of Japanese artists' shows in London

Budapest, Hungary

BY William Corwin |