Bridget Donahue

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In her compellingly off-kilter sculpture, Reaves imagines strange and dire futures

BY Chris Wiley | 01 JUN 19

Highlights from Condo New York 2018 and Commonwealth and Council at 47 Canal: the summer shows to see

13 JUL 18

The Frieze Education-produced guide asks questions to prompt younger visitors’ critical engagement with artworks

27 APR 18

Two films and a dance piece focus on our shifting postures in light of connective technology

BY Isobel Harbison | 13 NOV 17

Highlights from the first edition of Condo New York, a collaborative exhibition by 36 galleries across 16 city-wide locations

BY Sam Korman | 04 JUL 17

Bridget Donahue's survey of Susan Cianciolo's collages receives the Frame Prize, supported by Stella Artois

05 MAY 17

Leading curators select some stand-out presentations at Frieze New York 2017

BY Jenny Jaskey | 28 APR 17

Recently awarded a USA Artist Fellowship, Lynn Hershman Leeson speaks about cultural technologies, personal narratives and alter egos 

BY Evan Moffitt | 14 APR 17

A Twitter academic, a science fiction writer and a Wells Fargo debit card: Martine Syms shares some images that are important to her

BY Martine Syms | 11 APR 16

Bridget Donahue, New York, USA

BY Nick Irvin | 13 FEB 16