Galeria Luisa Strina

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At Galeria Luisa Strina, São Paulo, the artist presents a series of paintings, drawings and collages that capture the physical and mental endurance of confinement

BY Ela Bittencourt | 07 APR 21

As SP-Arte opens, here’s what’s on in Brazil’s largest city

BY Camila Belchior | 03 APR 19

From devices for making acquaintances to an interruption of Lina Bo Bardi’s architecture, ahead of SP-Arte this week, the city’s best shows

BY Fernanda Brenner | 10 APR 18

An international jury awards Luisa Strina the 2017 Stand Prize

04 OCT 17

Influence and innovation in the sculptures of Leonor Antunes

BY Amy Sherlock | 15 SEP 17

Galeria Luisa Strina, São Paulo, Brazil

BY Alexandra Pechman | 05 NOV 16

Coinciding with the 32nd Bienal de São Paulo, a guide to the best current shows in the city 

BY Kiki Mazzucchelli | 06 SEP 16

Brazilian artist Tunga has died, aged 64

BY Adriano Pedrosa | 07 JUN 16

Argentinian artist Adrián Villar Rojas talks to Kathy Noble about creating with clay, sculpture-as-film and team-work

BY Kathy Noble | 18 MAY 13

Galeria Luisa Strina, São Paulo, Brazil

BY Fabio Cypriano | 01 APR 09