Philippe Parreno

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In a new body of work, the artist proposes a voice that blurs artificial intelligence and liveness

BY Emma McCormick-Goodhart |

At Berlins Esther Schipper gallery, the artist tells stories through time-based objects 

BY Pablo Larios AND Philippe Parreno |

‘I felt as though I’d walked in on what the future of art-making could be: a curation of time and space between us and the world in which we exist’

BY Rirkrit Tiravanija |

‘I would like to dedicate this tribute to all of Zidane’s fans (of whom I am one)’

BY Violaine Boutet de Monvel |

A look back at the year that gave us Mark Greif’s Against Everything and David Bowie's final act

BY Ben Eastham |

The French artist shares his interest in Francis Picabia’s signature

BY Philippe Parreno |

The collaborators discuss the London Underground and Parreno's commission for Tate Modern

Nicolas Trembley's essential texts on the '90s networked tendency

BY Nicolas Trembley |

Leading artists, museum curators, writers and critics to discuss the history of art and its continuing significance in contemporary practice

The fifth and final part of our series looking back at the most significant exhibitions from the past 25 years

Fridericianum, Kassel, Germany

BY Pablo Larios |

Why enthusiasm, not scholarship, motivates artists

BY Julian Hoeber |

Park Avenue Armory, New York, USA

BY Laura McLean-Ferris |

Esther Schipper & Schinkel Pavillon, Berlin, German

BY Pablo Larios |

Jennifer Higgie interviews the artist at his Paris studio

BY Jennifer Higgie |

Centre Pompidou / Palais de Tokyo, Paris

BY Rahma Khazam |

Huerta de San Vincente, Granada, Spain

BY Jennifer Higgie |

The art of football

BY Jennifer Doyle |

Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum, New York, USA

BY Benjamin Carlson |